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Ziggy Dantzler is a first time screenwriter with a remarkable back story. Ziggy has been dreaming of writing screenplays since his days a child on the streets of the often very dangerous projects of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He became a young man of the streets, joined gangs, and ended up on the wrong side of the law many times. And he served time for his mistakes in state prison. There he conceived of the story behind Folktale, the first true-to-life African American children's adventure. The centerpiece of the screenplay is his family's history that is rich in storytelling and folktales. When Ziggy was released, he changed his life completely. He moved to Tallahassee, Florida where he found work, helped others in their recovery of an honest, good and safe life after prison, met his co-writer of the screenplay Donald Holmes Lewis (Golden GAza) and began writing the the script. Together, he and Lewis did the research, pushed each other to towards mastery of creativity for the project, and produced the script now on Blacklist. He's now working on the sequel to Folktale where the Whitherspoon's take a family vacation to the Deep South and slam up against bigotry's worst. But on their journey they discover leads from a local black storyteller to where Jefferson Davis hid the Confederate treasury of gold on his escape route, just hours ahead of pursuing Union troop. His script Folktale has already been recognized in screenplay competitions as quarterfinalist even though the screenplay was only recently finished and entered in these competitions.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.