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Zemia Edmondson is a queer, afrofuturist filmmaker from south Florida, passionate about using storytelling as a tool for revolution. Her first screenplay, RITUAL, most recently placed as a finalist in the Michael Collyer Fellowship. A recent graduate from Pomona College, Zemia majored in Africana Studies with a concentration in Literature. She wants to create media that pushes society into thinking in new, radical ways that center empathy, compassion, love, and equity.


Zemia Edmondson
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In a parallel realm, psionic abilities are the norm. Sometimes, people from that realm enter our own and live among humans, like Tala. She seems like everyone else at her new college - desperate to make friends, lose her virginity, and experiment with drugs. But, when someone from the psionic realm introduces Tala to her subconscious mind, she's forced to reckon with the enormity of her powers.