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Writer Scripts


Zachary Colt Messner
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

A cop and suspect in his custody must work together when a supernatural, cult terrorist group takes a police precinct hostage, while simultaneously unleashing a plan to kill the President. It's "Die Hard" with a sci-fi twist. "There are strong prospects for this script and its writer. This is an enjoyable and high octane thriller with back to back twists throughout almost the entire third act." -- Blacklist Coverage


Zachary Colt Messner
Mystery & Suspense Horror

A shy Korean girl comes out of her shell when she discovers her savvy real-estate agent boss uses his open listings as spaces to fulfill a strange subculture's disturbing fantasies. Soon their budding romance becomes entangled with a copycat and a nightlife blogger who threaten to expose the secrets of the boss's shadowy business. "Its pulpy true crime elements mixed with its horror genre conventions may make it a commercial cocktail that can see its way through to the big screen or VOD." -- Blacklist Coverage


Zachary Colt Messner
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Horror

In a dying world, earth's remaining population must go through a shameful and violent immigration program to live out their lives in what they believe is a better off place... Set in a dystopian/apocalyptic future, each episode will tackle a different societal theme in its own unique way at various stages during earth’s decay. These will be issues we as a culture both struggle with and have difficulty talking about. From immigration, to gender, to race, stories will be told using a surrealist tone. The hope is to eventually slowly connect the characters and themes at the end-point in the fabric of time where all things come to a close.


Zachary Colt Messner
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

An undefeated, superstar MMA fighter looks for a way out of the sport that is his prison, but is pulled back in when he's taken captive by a wealthy admirer looking to use the fighter for his own personal amusement as well as trainer to a new crop of talented fighters who happen to be his sons."While CAGED has the potential to follow in the footsteps of movies like WARRIOR, THE WRESTLER, and THE FIGHTER, the psychological and even genre components could help set it apart." -- Blacklist Coverage


Zachary Colt Messner
Comedy Action & Adventure

When the world’s most popular TV show, “Star Ship," ends with a suspiciously terrible finale, an obsessive, recluse, billionaire fan boy tries to lick his wounds by renewing the series.


Zachary Colt Messner
Comedy Horror

An ex-couple driving to a black tie wedding are led astray by a Waze type navigational app, where they become the prey of brilliant techies running an incubator on a remote property. It's "Battle Royale" with a tech element. "There's a version of this project that could conceivably be made in the low-budget Blumhouse model and target a theatrical release." -- Blacklist Coverage