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Y.S. Kim is a Japan-born, Korean-American writer/director based in the Bay Area with a background in design and photography. His passion for cinema was stoked in art school, eventually moving to Los Angeles to complete UCLA’s Professionals Program in Screenwriting. A student of film history and international films, his writing extends from screenplays to film essays, film reviews and commentary. He has written several screenplays and made several short films. All while working as a designer and creative director in the world of brand design.

Y.S. believes in personal cinema. Grounded reflections of the human condition. Tales of the culturally displaced and culturally ambiguous. Themes of connection, grief, forgiveness, within the context of the immigrant experience.

Recent accolades include Blacklist Recommended Gold Status (x3), Thousand Miles Project Fellow, Screencraft Finalist, Sundance Lab Second-Rounder and several other accolades. Most recently, a finalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition.

Design work at yskdzn.com

Photography at yskfoto.com

Special Skills
Film and Photography


Y.S. Kim
Comedy Drama

In the mid-seventies, a talented young filmmaker set out to make his passion project. But as with all great artistic pursuits, something had to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, the precious thing lost, just might have been his secret weapon. His partner in crime. The love of his life.


Y.S. Kim
Western Drama

When his motorcycle breaks down, a mysterious traveller is forced to wait out its repair in a small Washington town, where his secretive history slowly unravels and intertwines with a local Japanese woman, her family, and her troubled past.


Y.S. Kim
Drama Action & Adventure

An accomplished art director, and recent widower, crosses paths with a ten-year old street kid named Mika. After a mysterious game of cat and mouse, the two slowly discover that in life, there is a multitude of beauty. All you have to do is make a connection.


Y.S. Kim
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A pop star's tragic murder leaves her longtime manager reeling for answers, but the old wounds and secrets that come out are more than he can handle.