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Forged in the fire of stage directing and playwriting, Wendy Dann’s writing is now crafted for the screen.

Wendy was invited to participate as a television writer with The Writers Lab as part of NYWIFT (2021). She was a semifinalist for the Page International Screenwriting Awards (2021) and a quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship and Drama Competition (2021). She won the virtual pitch contest at the Austin Film Festival (2020) and was a second rounder at AFF for a drama feature (2021). Wendy's short film, LA CASA VERDE, was invited to the Fort Lauderdale & San Antonio Film Festivals.

Wendy studied acting and writing in undergraduate school, and after graduation began acting and freelancing as a feature writer for newspapers. She began directing plays soon after, which led Wendy toward an MFA in directing and a career as a freelance stage director.

Regional stage directing work includes the Dallas Theater Center, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Alliance Theatre, Syracuse Stage, Capitol Repertory Theatre, Kitchen Theatre, and seven seasons as associate artistic director at the Hangar Theatre. Her work on stage has had a profound impact on her use of visual storytelling and heightened text.

Wendy’s collaboration as co-author and director on the musical Sammy & Me (MusicalFare Theatre, Hangar Theatre, Alliance Theatre, National Black Theatre Festival and New Vintage Theatricals), rekindled her interest in writing. Wendy’s plays have been finalists for the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference as well as the Arts & Letters Prize in Drama. She received a NYFA Fellowship in Playwriting and Screenwriting.

Wendy’s both a stepmother and a stepchild. She’s interested in telling stories about the forces that push families apart and the forces that might bring them back together. Wendy was born in Central New York’s farm country and that’s probably why a cow nearly always shows up in her scripts.


Wendy Dann

When Marion’s husband dies unexpectedly, she takes up her friend Stephen on a youthful promise that if either friend were left alone in life, the other friend would take them in. As Stephen’s husband Nick carries her luggage through the front door, it dawns on Marion that her friend and his husband are not looking--no, not even speaking to one another. Caught in the center of a marriage unraveling due to a chronic illness, Marion discovers that her grief is not unlike theirs, and wonders if home is here or somewhere much farther away.


Wendy Dann

The last vestige of the government by the people, for the people. Each season a new trial in a new city. Each episode takes us into the life of one juror and back into the jury room.


Wendy Dann

Juna escapes her stepson’s addiction by fleeing into the mountains of Vermont. She dives into the peace of the mountains, meditation, and the Bhagavad Gita--leaving her husband in battle with his son in New York--until her stepson shows up in Vermont and Juna discovers that true peace doesn’t come from running away.