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Writer Scripts


Wayne C. Truly
Comedy Animation

LUPO is an animated comedy that will give you goose bumps. Here's a short synopsis. Having lost his parents to hungry raptors, an almost extinct passenger pigeon dreams of being a songbird . . . but the neighborhood bullies convince him that he cannot sing a note. With the help of a human friend, an adventuresome fruit bat, and a guardian-angel hummingbird (that has magical powers), Lupo eventually finds the courage to sing a remarkable song. Along the way, he learns a valuable lesson when it comes to the meaning of friendship, i.e., he learns a truly life changing lesson that ultimately allows Lupo to stand up to the mean spirited hawks and greedy humans who are trying to capture him so they can cash in on a big pay day.


Wayne C. Truly
Action & Adventure Horror

I wrote this for Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise . . . A former secret service agent Sergeant Cohen is recruited out of early retirement to lead the Samurai Emergency Response Team called the BUSHIDOS (the way of the samurai warrior) on one last death mission to Dallas, Texas in the hopes of saving Mrs. President from the clutches of the mad-scientist/preacher -- Doctor Warren, who has developed and released, a mutated West Nile mosquito virus that has brought the United States to the brink of another Zombie Apocalypse. These mutated West Nile Zombies seek blood, like vampires, instead of brains and flesh . . .


Wayne C. Truly

I wrote this for Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow. Seth aka Johnny has an enlarged prostate gland and a phobia of doctors since his first junior high physical. Johnny's wife Laura wants a baby quickly to please her Asian parents. Finally, Johnny agrees to go see a Hungarian Urologist named Doctor Asscuss. Unbeknownst to Johnny and Laura, Dr. Asscuss is in cahoots with the local Hungarian Mafia and maybe with the FBI and FDA, too !!