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A screenwriter living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Born March 1991 in Johnstown Pennsylvania, he later moved to the tiny town of Coalport, where he spent his childhood wandering the Pennsylvania wilds. The haunting gloom and grandeur of the Appalachian forest surrounding his home had a profound affect on him, inspiring him to imagine himself the hero of his own stories. In his childhood and early teens his love for storytelling developed into an interest in filmmaking. Later he would go on to attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied film production and screenwriting. During this tenure he wrote and directed multiple short films while acting in others, numerous being screened and winning awards at festivals. Upon graduation he secured a position at a local talent agency as agent's assistant, directing auditions for a few years before moving to Los Angeles. After years of script reading and agency/industry stints, he then worked in the film department of the acclaimed ArcLight Cinemas, where he attended hundreds of studio trade screenings and further honed his ability to analyze story for both commercial and critical success.

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