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Warren Lewis’s credits as screenwriter include Black Rain (Paramount) and The Thirteenth Warrior (Touchstone). He has worked on assignments for most of the major film and television studios including Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox. Warren’s recent scripts include, A World Away – a modern retelling of The Dybbuk, Ansky’s classic play; The Brownsville Boys: A Tale of Murder Incorporated; Trade Craft, an espionage thriller; The Tale of the Bloodstone Riders, a western set in post-civil war Texas, See Me, an erotic thriller and The Point, a one hour drama.

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Black Rain, The Thirteenth Warrior
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Warren Lewis
Romance Horror

The Dybbuk has been on stage since 1912, and has been adapted into ballet, opera, live TV and films since the early sound era. It is a story of love and possession; the forbidden love of two young people who are destined to be together despite the will of people - the living and the dead - and the power of the universe. This erotic adaptation takes place in a closed community in a contemporary American city.


Warren Lewis
Drama Romance

At the height of the war in Vietnam a hardened Marine sergeant, 20, is plucked out of combat and sent home for three days on a sacred mission. He finds himself in another war at home, in love with an enemy and changed forever as he heroically leads the counter attack in the battle of America and discovers that a new life is possible.