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A Libayn filmmaker.


Walid Ali

Michael is a very picky dater who wants to settle down. But because of his super grumpy, cranky, and sour personality. He always couldn't pass the first date. so he turns to his friends for their help. Yet because of his extreme pickiness, Michael seemingly doesn't want what he can have. until Anna his ex-girlfriend and now a long-time lesbian friend had enough of him rejecting beautiful women she set him up with, so Anna decided to change that and with help of her friend Marina they hire a prostitute (Rachel) to date Michael for a few weeks. And sure enough, Michael changes his decision after the first night with Rachel. Her being the first person in a long time who could surprise him, Made Michael start slowly gets a new outlook. He is on his way to becoming a better person, whereas Rachel has got a new chance to start over again.


Walid Ali
Comedy Romance

A man and woman become close friends but always shy away from a relationship, eventually, their true feelings can't stay hidden forever. The story advances many ideas about 21st-century singledom. Does it consider a coincidence if something happened by sheer of an accident? Or could there be a divine plan for it? Aron has always liked Emma but never pursued her. and through mutual friends, he keeps bumping into her time and time again, but they are both just ended a very serious relationship and they are not looking for new romance. so instead, they become friends. Shortly after Aron graduated, his father decided to retire from his thriving chemical distribution business. and Aron had a decision to make. take over the family business? or become a lawyer? he took over the family business but he didn’t understand the ins and outs of the business. We catch up with him going through a misery of laying off employees and... inches from putting the company out of business. One day Aron was having coffee with an old friend, Jared (lawyer) whom he hasn't spoken to in months. And while they were walking, they ran into Emma. A girl Aron have always liked since freshman year of high school, but never pursued her. Emma turns out to be a close friend to Jared. Jared and Emma used to be some kinda friends with benefits. and they’re just old friends now. but all they show: just interacting with an old friend. It might look a bit like they used to be close. Emma had trouble remembering Aron from high school. Probably because she was the popular one, and Aron was the utterly forgettable.Emma After high school didn't get enough scholarship money to go to the college that she wanted to go to so she ended up moving with her mother. worked as a barista for a while...then took community college and now she is a flight attendant. and was heading to the airport when they met. She was offered a ride to the airport since Aron had to leave to get back to his pressing work matters. They start known each other and the small talk but most of the time the drive was awkward. Then orientation ends and they head their separate ways.Fast forward two months they reunite in a restaurant, and it’s just about as awkward. They walked they talked for like a while, but it was uncomfortable as the first encounter...and then five weeks or so after that. They met again at Jared’s celebration dinner, This time, though, the friendship sticks. They really hit it off, not immediately, there was a little reluctant at first. Eventually, they get into this friend zone concept. And Emma isn’t trying to avoid it. the friend zone isn’t a bad place to be for her. But with Aron is different, he wants to escape from the friend zone. But he doesn't, he can’t negotiate desire, all he can do is be honest.Yeah, that doesn't go so well. Emma bails, a bit freaked, and Aron's clearly hurt. a day after, They reuniting on a phone call. Aron calls Emma. He wants to apologize, but she just won't take it. she claims she's the one who should apologize. and they tried to rebuild the friendship but failed.Cut to Emma is having a party, it’s sort of a housewarming kind of thing. She is still single and her loneliness increases when she finds out at the same night Jared's feelings towards her are rushing back and Aron has been in a relationship with a girl named Laure. As Emma meanders through the party Aron walk up to her. Their conversations during this party center on how Emma suddenly interested in Aron dating status. During this conversation Emma realizes something: she's in romantically attached to him. She states this: She was so happy to be Aron's friend, but when he got into a relationship it just made her feel jealous. And she knows that’s dumb. Because she totally thinks men and women can be friends, with the sex part, without the sex part, before, during, and after the sex part. and It would be less crazy if they were having an affair. This is an extension or rather say, a modification to an earlier argument about they are just becoming friends. but this time they argue less friendly. The morning after, Aron follows Emma on the street, won’t give up. trying to talk to her. won't take the blame for this. He gets Emma to talking—okay, bickering—They get on each other's nerves. Aron thinks this is some stupid necessary breakup --but Emma lost the interest of having him as a friend. And the two don't talk for almost a year, till finally reuniting at their friends' wedding rehearsal dinner.The point of view is primarily limited to Aron and Emma together (not separate). There are notable exceptions. But for the most part we experience the story along with them when they are with their friends, or alone, regardless of the form it takes, every moment that passed, we see their differences and similarities and the comparison with their friends for example:The relationship between Joel and Christy we see what Emma and Aron could have if they let themselves love each other. A stronger example: Jared and Angela characters who are dealing with almost the same situations with Aron and Emma but in a different way. This comparison reveals information and demonstrates how certain choices play out. The most important comparison is Emma has a history with Jared. And Angela is a close friend with Emma she is not one of the main characters but just like Jared some of the core of the story relies on her. Almost a year later after their last meeting, Aron and Emma have both got into relationships and they are not looking to for another new romance. Aron is dating Angela and Emma is dating a guy from blind date. During Christy and Joel rehearsal dinner Emma finds herself face to face with Aron for the first time since their fight. She handles it in a mature and classy way. Aron apologizes about actively trying to avoid her. Emma admits she was not happy about it either. and suggest forgetting the whole thing. Aron tries to clarify how he and Angela end up together. When they started Aron and Angela both agreed they are not going to be serious and only want to have some fun with each other, and keep that to themselves till the fun wears out. But Emma respond with: He doesn't have to explain himself. And here’s where the biggest twists come into play by flashbacks. taking place in a coffee shop where Emma used to work as a barista. And the flashbacks show Emma has a history with Jared. This is new information for the audience. Other flashbacks show before Emma and Aron fight, at Emma's party. Jared wanted Emma back.Cut to Emma on the dance floor, her date left. it didn’t work out with him. then she starts dancing with Jared. next to Aron and Angela. As Emma realizes things are too difficult for her and she should enjoy the single life she has. Just as she’s come to terms with this, Aron grabs Emma to dance with him, smiling but Emma gives him a quiet... Then...She smiles back. They take in each other faces, so close. Aron knows he could kiss her, wants to, he thinks about it for a second. But he didn’t. Instead, they are acting frozen, trying to savor it a little. And on their faces...The End.There are plenty of other scenes and moments to laud, of course, but I’ll save those for you to discover and appreciate. Also, there’s a lot of cores in the movie more than just a man's and a woman's path to romance and these two ideas in some way are the main cores to the protagonists.Aron doesn't seem like a ruthless rich spolier guy who is ready to take a morally wrong deal as long as it keeps him where he is. Being in this situation affected him, it saddened him, he doesn't like it. He is angry about the fraud he sees in the system around him yet conflicted about his own association with them. We see him so far think of himself as a good guy. at least that’s what he wants to be. always trying to be a good guy.Emma got her heart crushed by a guy, she thought they’d end up together. made a lot of mistakes after that, developed severe trust issues. and from that day forward, she made it a goal to just enjoy being alone and really focus on her career. she knows that it wouldn’t come overnight, but that she had the passion and perseverance to make it happen. tries to conduct herself as a woman who doesn’t need a partner to make her whole.