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Victoria Linchong
Drama Romance

1997. A campaign to clean up the city is putting the squeeze on streetwalkers, squeegee men, squats and strip clubs. Lucy and Nina both work at Bump 'n Grind, a downtown topless bar, where girls come and go as they please, dance ‘til they’ve gotten enough tips to pay rent—or hit the town in style—and fund their journey towards a better tomorrow. Take a look behind the g-string in the last days of good old bad old New York City.


Victoria Linchong

An old Chinese woman is found wandering on the highway by a secondhand bookseller facing the loss of his shop and his entire way of life. Unable to cope with his own problems, he embarks on a quixotic attempt to find the old woman's family. Meanwhile, Grace confronts the past she renounced as she searches Chinatown for her missing mother.