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Veronica Ray Carr is a screenwriter, playwright, and filmmaker from Atlanta, Georgia. They just received a B.A. in TV & Film Production with a minor in Playwriting from Howard University

They write coming-of-age queer love stories, family dramas, and various genres of short stories centering young Black women and gender non-conforming people. Through deep character studies and hyper-realistic world building, Veronica writes to understand the meaning of life and what connects us all.

Veronica's goal is to be a director and screenwriter that brings grounded and authentic stories about marginalized communities to the big screen. They believe that through their films and words they can connect to others and normalize having conversations that may usually be uncomfortable.

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Veronica Ray Carr
Drama Romance

A 20-year-old college dropout navigates new love and discovers her purpose as she returns home after a loss that shakes her family.