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Being a perfect cross-breed of the East and West and being a slavish student of the books and movies of both, Udhaya inherited the literary traditions of both India and the U.S. Udhaya can think and talk like a well acculturated American but can still derive from the outsider’s perspective when a fresh approach is needed. Having lived in India during his formative years and then in Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, and California, and working in restaurants, retail sales, and the Computer Industry, Udhaya was exposed to a wealth of characters, personalities, and cliques.

Udhaya’s experiences in two different cultures and the observations and insight therein inform his writing constantly. With an ever-percolating mind full of stories, and an uncanny knack for discerning human behavior and communication, Udhaya infuses his screenwriting with wicked humor, memorable dialogues, resonating characters, undying passion, palpable drama, and poignant themes.


Udhaya Kulandaivelu
Drama Mystery & Suspense

When her husband and eight-year old son are taken by captors in Mexico City, Kate must summon all her resolve to outwit the criminals and retrieve her son. But first she must find the mythical Longinus’ Lance, the ransom, which was secured in an unknown place by her dead mother-in-law.