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A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, I'm a working fiction writer, critic, ghostwriter, and filmmaker. I've published short fiction in over 25 journals, and have a book forthcoming on William Klein's 1969 movie "Mr. Freedom" from Auteur Press in the U.K. I'm currently filming my first feature, a micro-budget psychological thriller called "Dave Goes Mad."


Tyler Sage
Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In 1981, the people in the Colorado mining town of Spirit Springs believe they're being hunted by a serial killer. But the truth is much darker: the town has fallen under a 2,000 year-old curse which tempts every person to give in to their most murderous desires.


Tyler Sage
Action & Adventure Horror

An idealistic young mixed-race couple, two wayward Muslim siblings, and a pair of badass bikers try to survive a night in a Hollywood storage building owned by a family of maniacal killers.


Tyler Sage

A poor Mexican-American kid from Baltimore is molded by his abusive father to become the first American international soccer superstar. He's got the talent to make it, but his father's pressure has already started to make him hate the game he loves. A unique five-season structure takes us through his introduction to high-level competition at age 11 to his retirement as a world-wide sports celebrity at age 35.