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Troy Kelly is an emerging writer who, in 2021, was a second-rounder for the Sundance Institute Episodic Lab and in the Nicholl Fellowship’s Top 10%.

Raised in a rural Midwestern town of 113 people, Troy is a first-generation college student who completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and went on to practice as a forensic psychologist. His work has brought him to the darkest corners of the human psyche -- serial rapists, parents who’ve murdered their children, and murder-for-hire plots, to name a few -- and he’s also aided in the exonerations of individuals falsely accused of sex crimes and other felonies. His specialty areas of practice include assessment of sexually violent predators, false confessions, and psychopaths, and he is a nationally certified psychological autopsy investigator. He has evaluated and treated over 1,000 individuals and testified in more than 30 trials and hearings in state and federal courts.

A gay man hailing from a deep red state, Troy is keenly aware of the importance of storytelling as advocacy.

Among Troy’s proudest accomplishments are curating an uninterrupted, near mint collection of Uncanny X-Men dating back to August 1980 (that’s 508 issues of his over 9,000 issue collection) and being told by Beyoncé at a stop on her I Am… World Tour that he was her truest fan while she held his hand. He has photographs to prove it.

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Troy Kelly
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A disgraced white-collar crime defense attorney must take on the pro bono case of a young Native American man facing the death penalty for killing his girlfriend, but when he forms a grudging alliance with a determined tribal police officer to re-examine the murder investigation, he realizes things aren't as they appear on the reservation.