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Tracy David Sim

The illness and death of, Beth, a small child, brings the lives of her nurse, Alice, and the girl's artist friend, Clifford, together. After Beth moves to her next life, Alice cannot continue her special care and art therapy. A new wing of the children's unit hinges on Clifford's sculptures and Alice's love for kids. Taken with Alice's pureness and her work with the children, Clifford employs the help of his father and brother, who work for a cruise company, to take Alice on an intimate voyage from Vancouver to Alaska to rekindle her broken heart. Activities designed to encourage Alice draw them together. But when Alice learns of Clifford's own unique health challenge, she isn't sure what to do next. Set in the midst of art, the rain, the uncertainties of life, death, their personal journeys, and ultimately love. Note: This script recently went through a heavy editing process, cutting just over 20-pages. It was developed with a company at Warner Bros at its inception, but it never sat right with me that Alice was (in earlier drafts) kidnapped in the midst of her journey on the cruise ship with Clifford. I always saw this as a classic love story. It's currently sitting a little lean at 90-pages. Filling the story out with more chit chat between main and supporting characters is not a problem. If you want that, just ask and I will send it to you.


Tracy David Sim
Mystery & Suspense

When a series of cult like murders with biblical references hangs over Philadelphia for too long, the lead investigator is fired. Now on his own, he must protect a wrongly accused innocent and find a living demon before he inflicts his own version of the apocalypse onto the entire eastern seaboard.


Tracy David Sim
Drama Action & Adventure

When a baseball sign stealer for the New York Yankees observes payoffs and corruption away from the ballpark in the World Series, he’s threatened on the run as he uncovers a junior manager’s link to criminals who plot to churn millions in stock holdings to make betting lines and control the pure game he loves. The Stealer is a relevant story to the U.S. in 2018 because all states have just allowed open sports book betting, which every major league pushed back against for a long time for reasons dramatized in The Stealer. The fear that criminal networks could work to alter game results to make betting lines has been an occasional problem throughout the history of sports. This is a story of what happens when it gets out of control. Sports fans will be able to deal with its multiple characters and their relationships to each other, because this is what drives sports talk radio shows and the almost unending analysis of the complex relationships in team sports. The Stealer has just been updated, revised, and edited, but remains a dense and chilling drama.


Tracy David Sim
Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When an archaeology dig uncovers a sarcophagus with the remains of ancient flying beings who protected the world from darkness, its genetic material is unknowingly activated, only to have a worm like creature escape, regenerate, grow, multiply into two tribes, and recognize a lot of darkness to protect the world from. The series is about the trials, tribulations, and interactions of this never seen ancient species that has an ancient sense of purpose, to protect the world from human darkness and waywardness. Because of their natural tendencies, they are both loved and hated, depending on which side you mingle with, the good, or the bad. They quickly learn the English language and become new ambassadors. An archaeologist husband and wife, along with a band elder where they were found, help manage these unmanageable, but highly intelligent, creatures in an urban environment.