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Tom Miller is a nationally recognized American Screenwriter, Performance Artist, Playwright, Actor, Sound Designer, and Musician living in Gainesville, Florida - the Known Center of the Universe. He holds a BA from the University of Florida in Theatre, and an MFA in Screenwriting from Maharishi International University (The David Lynch Graduate School for Cinematic Arts). Tom Miller has received national press for staring into the mouth of Ted Cruz for two hours without breaking eye contact. Tom Miller is the host of the longest running continuous open mic show in America, the Tom Miller Show (a.k.a. The Reverend Angeldust's Tabernacle of Hedonism.) More information is available at his "Secret" official webpage: http://millerworks.weebly.com

Tom Miller Portfolio, Media and Press can be viewed here: https://millerworks.journoportfolio.com/

Known For
UMMU, Tom Miller's Audience, Nothing - the Film, Burning Lips - The Film

Writer currently has no listed scripts.