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Hello, my name is Travis Frey and I write as Titan Frey. I started out writing books and had over 10 published between two indie publishers and self-publishing.

I currently work as a freelance copywriter and I write basketball articles for Fadeawayworld.net

My writing portfolio consists of books, copywriting, basketball articles, a video game I co-wrote, and my favorite, screenwriting.

A few of my spec scripts have placed in 10 screenplay contests, including my time-traveling Sci-fi script, Imagine, winning “BEST SCREENPLAY CONCEPT” at the Flight Deck Film Festival.

I'm currently working on a Sci-fi screenplay that an indie director has hired me to write, and I've co-written two shorts that were made.

I'm the co-writer of the short drama film- “The Franchise Club”. (2018)

I'm the co-writer and executive producer of the short horror film - “There's Someone Here”. (2021)

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