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T.M. Hayes is a screenwriter, theatre director and narrative dance storeographer with a penchant for oddball historical material; NYU Tisch Film alum.

Known For
Birds Eye, Rockwell, Sarogeto, Christmas Time Is Here
Alma Mater


Myrlin Hepworth & Jeffrey Decker, T.M. Hayes
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A gritty recasting of Hamlet. A young Latino returns home to Phoenix to avenge the murder of his father, a prominent activist against Arizona’s “SB-1070” anti-immigration legislation and the private prison industry.


T.M. Hayes
Drama Comedy

The spectacular, super-colossal true story of a down-on-his-luck Jewish television producer and his struggle to make the most beloved Christmas special of all time, despite faithless network executives, wildly mismatched collaborators and more good griefs than you can shake your blanket at. "The amount of magic and meaning here: the cup runneth over. It's hard not to feel warm and fuzzy all over. I could see this becoming a holiday classic, much like the holiday special that inspired it!"


T.M. Hayes
Mystery & Suspense Drama

Three disparate lost souls flee Hollywood for "treasure" in the Idaho mountains: a fugitive actor seeking vindication for a long-ago murder he can't remember committing; a disgruntled DEA agent plotting to steal a massive meth shipment; and a high-minded hitman searching for the long-lost left sock of Lana Turner's murdered father.