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Tiffany Cudjoe is a writer and producer originally from Orlando, Fl. She recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Previous to relocating she had a prominent background in mortgage and finance. Accruing skills in the finance field enhanced her skills in organization, problem-solving, taking initiative and paying close attention to detail. Now working in the entertainment industry, Tiffany is known for being resourceful in identifying and hiring competent cast & crew, staying within budget, and meeting strict deadlines while maintaining an organized work environment and strategy. Tiffany has relentlessly taken on photo shoot projects where she utilizes multi-tasking skills that range from the director’s chair to the production office. Tiffany makes it her job to exceed expectations every time.

Tiffany Cudjoe is not just knowledgeable and resourceful, but an effective and result driven asset altogether. She has the ability to prioritize, conceptualize, and bring a new set of dynamics to the table that are creative, original, and innovative. In her spare time Tiffany enjoys traveling, watching movies and spending time with her children. As Tiffany continues the path to pave her way to a successful career in film, be sure to connect with her for business inquiries or additional info on her official website: tiffanycudjoe.com


Tiffany Cudjoe

A career driven investment banker moonlights as a matchmaker to her friends as she discovers an ugly truth about her own love life. Hitch meets Sex and the City.