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Thomas D. Morris
Comedy Drama

You hear a lot about fascism these days, but what was life really like in Italy in 1937? Well a down and out film producer, Max, is about to find out. He gets a once in a lifetime offer, a partnership with an exclusive foreign market. His only concern is his new partner, Mussolini, is not exactly the silent partner type. Inspired by true events. This script is a sequel to the EPIC Fail script also on the Black List. Winner 2014 Scriptapalooza.


Thomas D. Morris
Drama Comedy

How do you talk about an election gone wrong? You find a moment from history that mirrors the moment. EPIC Fail is a caper film about the stealing of the 1934 election, away from a Socialist running as a Democrat (much like Bernie Sanders).And you focus on a smuck desperate enough to do the dirty work. And Max will do anything to save his poverty row movie studio during the Depression year of 1934. Then he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to help the film mogul L. B. Mayer and the most powerful man in America, William Randolph Hearst. Riches await if he does one simple task, steal an election away from the most popular candidate in years, Upton Sinclair.Every dirty trick you saw in the Presidential election of 2016 had its roots back in this 1934 election. From fake news, voter suppression, the wealthy 1%, even a socialist running as a democrat (Bernie Sanders). A unique caper comedy where the goal is to steal an election.If you enjoy this script check out its sequel script, Elephant in the room. It won the 2014 Scriptapalooza contest.