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Born in Hollywood to one of the first families of the motion picture industry. Tom's grandfather, AL Mazzola, was a silent film actor and stunt man at 20th Century Fox. He later pioneered the positin of Key Grip and was recognized for his innovative work on Stanley Kramers' "It's A Mad Mad World". His grandmother, Saveria, played Mrs. Colombo in"The Godfather 2". His uncle Eugene played the Ramesses' son in DeMille's "The Ten Commandments". His uncle Frank played Crunch in "Rebel Without a Cause". Tom acted in an art film at the age of five, directed by his father. The short live action film won first prize in the Venice Film Festival in 1964. Tom has been a student of film his entire life. He wrote his first screeplay while attending Hollywood High School. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema at USC. He worked in the film industry for 12 years holding various positions from Prop Master to Production Designer, to Assistant Director and Producer. During this time,Tom continued writing screenplays, honing the craft. In 2010 he went back to graduate school earning an MFA in Creative Writing 2013. He has been concentrating his time and skills writing screenplays ever since.

Tom has written several screenplays centered on children overcoming extraordinary obsticles. One of these screenplays, "Ewgo The Inventor and The Angry Mountain" he has since rewritten and published as a young reader's novella with a second installment "The Comet" soon to be published. He hasn't limited his preferred genre to family films. He has written a historical western based on true events entitled, "Three Rivers East". A contained, character-driven, suspense, drama with a female lead entitled, "Day Eight". A character driven thriller entitled, "Johnny Romeo". A futuristic post apocalyptic franchise-type graphic novel entititled "Zen Meister - Oppression City", based on his own shooter video game concept. A hardboiled detective graphic novel screenplay entitled "Beauty And A Bullet". He has several more in the works. All of his screenplays reflect his life long study of film and the filmakers and screenwriters he has been influenced by.


Thomas Mazzola
Family Drama

Exactly one year after his younger brother is taken by a tornado and remains missing, a bereaved eleven-year-old boy is propelled on a spectacular odyssey in search for answers he hopes will make his broken family whole again.