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Born and raised in California, moving from place to place, Tom’s love for movies has always stayed the same. Writing stories while watching them took up most of his childhood until he could get his hands on his first video camera at the age of 14. Soon after he would shoot sketches and small webisodes on Youtube.

He attended California State University of Sacramento where he studied Film Production in the Liberal Arts program, where he also studied theory and world cinema. In his time he founded The Hornet Film Society where he competed and won in the Sacramento International Film Festival. Later, had audiences with CSU Chancellor, Timothy P. White for later projects.

Five short films later and graduating, Tom moved to Los Angeles where he would work under various Producers working on music videos (Lindsey Stirling, FUSE, Josh Groban) and commercials (Star Wars: Battlefront, Brookside Chocolate, Legos) starting out Production Assisting on David Labrava’s (Sons of Anarchy) feature film “Street Level”.

Tom is currently submitting his latest short film in various film festivals.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.