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Writer Scripts


Ted Nicolaou

An arrogant young executive for an American auto company smuggles a million dollars into Romania weeks after the 1989 revolution to grease the wheels of the corrupt post-Communist bureaucracy. In a moment of uncharacteristic empathy, he gets swept up in his Romanian chauffeur’s dream of starting his own business: the first American-style burger joint in Eastern Europe. And falls in love with the chauffeur’s sister, a firebrand of the opposition party, who's attracted to him but offended by everything he says. The secret police mistakenly conclude that the burger joint is a front for a CIA-funded anti-government party, while back home, the SEC investigates the missing million dollars and his American cohorts finger him for the fall. In a comedy of errors, he goes on the run across the wilds of Transylvania disguised as a peasant, trying to find his way back to Bucharest before the grand opening. From Armani suits to shepherd’s rags, from Malibu to the post-Communist Twilight Zone – he loses himself and rediscovers the American Dream.