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Nicholl quarterfinalist, LaunchPad second-rounder for my drama/thriller feature, DO NOT GO GENTLY. I'm a writer, actor, comedian, podcaster, location manager, a person with too many jobs, and a graduate of USC and the British American Drama Academy. I'm currently on a house improv team at Second City Hollywood and do stand-up when there isn't a worldwide pandemic. I'm also a former headline writer for "The Onion," contributor to SomeECards.com, Upworthy (good.is), published in a variety of publications on Medium.

Known For
The Onion, Conan O'Brien, Teachers


Adam Slemon, Jim O'Brien, Michael Silva, Sean Michael Boozer, Tara Jean O'Brien

Failed writer MICHAEL has no other option than to enlist the help of four other incredibly self-involved, and self-defeating, residents to squat in his apartment when a corporate monolith in the Silicon Valley buys their building.


Tara Jean O'Brien

On opening night of a play, an actor gets shot on stage during the performance; the incident and it’s aftermath is told from each character's very, very, self-involved perspective