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I was was born on the south side of Chicago on June 19,1982 .I fell in love with writing at the age on 13 after I read Donald gonies black girl lost .


Tanika Williams
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Did you eat today well thank your local Framers all over the world do you really wanna know what it takes to get your food on the dinner table at nightJournalist will call my show the modern day little house on the Prairie,actors and writers will say queen of sugar on own,season three America crime or even Mud on Netflix.There comes a time when a new era of writers And intervenors come into the business and all the older ones think about retirement.


Shree Wright

Growing up as a child In the Late Eighties early nineties my nickname was a TV Head because I would watch so much of it from kid shows to westerns.I remember watching a show called little house on the Prairie most of the filming was done on one set in the main house the entire story line was based on a farm.Well it’s 2020 and I seen Yellow stone and I have recently watched The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher and went to sleep.I don’t know about you but These here western shows are stated to bore me .well strap on a seat beat because my script The fields is taking you on a Six Flag Great America ride The fields is not only a modern tale of families that live on farms and ranchers it going to be compared to Dynasty the 1970’s virgin of it .