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There are some who call me: Tim.

A pre-WGA scribe who hails from a far-off, desolate wasteland known as New Jersey.

After twenty years in Atlanta, my Philly roots are now sunk deep in the Georgia clay.

Having spent the last fifteen-years as a graphic designer and production artist, I decided to try something completely different & took up screenwriting. Making the creative jump has been a challenging yet very rewarding transition.

With a renewed sense of artistic freedom, I've dedicated myself to learning the craft of storytelling.

A serious genre fanatic, I was raised by the Horror section of Blockbuster.

My cinematic pedigree & irreverent sense of humor give my work a unique sensibility.

I hope to expand my creative skillset, showcase my writing, & possibly begin an exciting new career.

Thanks for reading!

Writer currently has no listed scripts.