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Steve Larson is a screenwriter living in Minnesota. His screenplays have received numerous awards as well as fellowships from The Sundance Institute, Minnesota State Arts Board, and the McKnight Foundation. He studied with Czech screenwriter Frantisek Daniel and Academy Award-winner Waldo Salt (Midnight Cowboy). He has taught screenwriting at several Minnesota colleges over the past 30 years.


Steve Larson

In a grand old concert hall, a conductor walks to the podium, raises his baton and slashes downward with authority. But there is no sound, because there is no orchestra. Only empty chairs and a piano with a wedding cake atop it. Perplexed, he whips the baton downward and again, nothing... even his score, his masterwork, has disappeared. Gus Carlson jerks awake in his hospital room and decides that today will be the last day of his life – no more cancer, no more suffering. Unfortunately, this morphine-fueled dream isn’t cooperating and, in fact, is getting more confusing. More and more people from his past and present are filling orchestra chairs and the dream is becoming more insistent. He realizes there will be no peace until he finds a way to solve it – and to do so will require him to not only play his most personal composition but to play it for an audience of one.