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Stacy Bannerman is the author of two books—Homefront 911 (2015) received a Kirkus Reviews Starred Review—a history-making performance art piece staged at the US Capitol, more than 70 articles, and four bills, two of which became laws. A nationally known anti-war activist, she thought the screen might be better than the page for exploring socially relevant issues. Her current project is THE FREEDOM MEDAL, featuring a strong, over-40 female lead in a true story about the war at home, the transformational healing power of the horse and the resurrection of the human spirit. Stacy is the writer and co-creator of an Adult Animated Sitcom, BAMBO & T-REX DELIVER, (the Series Bible and Pilot Script, “SPORTS INJURY,” are available). She has the first of a trilogy of supernatural/sci-fi feature screenplays in the works (THE LIGHT BRIGADE) as well as a non-fiction book, Every Holy Thing. Stacy holds the IP/life rights to TITLE IX, the actual account of the first girl to wrestle on the boy’s team under the federal law and the injury and animosity she overcame on her way to the State Championship as well as IN THE SHADOW OF THE DREAM, the powerful true story of the young woman who suffered racial discrimination as the first white Executive Director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in the Aryan Nations backyard. She lives on the edge of the grid in SW Virginia. Her website is www.stacybannerman.com.

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