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Sherrie is the writer of several screenplays, including: 40 Million Reasons; A Storied Past, A Storied Future; and A Partridge in a Christmas Wreath. Sherrie was born in Roanoke, Virginia. She graduated from Elon University in North Carolina. She was inspired to write by watching her talented daughter's acting success in the entertainment industry. The romantic heart beating in her chest leans toward engaging entanglements; the result of her devilishly handsome husband bringing her coffee in bed every morning while her two impossibly adorable dogs slather her face with sloppy kisses. With an unflappable dose of joy, she brings glittering passion to the pages she writes.


Sherrie Snead

An adopted woman, deeply resembling the deceased automobile tycoon John Dodge, steps forward to claim that she is a long-lost heir to the vast Dodge fortune.