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Shauna Ray Ratapu is a 50-something California Kiwi - which is to say, she was born in California, married a Māori fella from New Zealand whom she met on a blind date, then lived there for 17 years. Quitting her job as a high school Drama and English teacher in order to pursue her dream of owning a Black Box theater company, Shauna became co-writer/Director and Editor of several plays and short films. Now the mother of three grown-ass kids, she and her Kiwi fella have returned to California where she is giving her biggest dream of being a screenwriter a good old Kiwi try!

Special Skills
Performing Arts


Shauna Ratapu
Comedy Drama

An anxiety-ridden helicopter mom is plagued by her former feral-but-fierce, eight-year-old, big-wheel-riding self.