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I’m an award-winning American actor and screenwriter born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. I graduated from Florida International University in Miami and received a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology. After running a successful business in Denver, CO, I picked up and took off to LA in pursuit of my passion. Since then, I’ve worked on a multitude of films that have won several awards and have written over 20 feature-length screenplays under "The Outside Writers." The most recent film I co-wrote and starred in, "St. Agatha", was directed by the director behind the monstrously successful and popular "SAW" franchise. It's gained major buzz and rave reviews worldwide. And it was recently released on several streaming platforms, including Netflix and Amazon.


Kenneth Eichner, Shaun Fletcher
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A top District Attorney must find a balance between her sexual appetite and work after accepting a high-profile murder case that sends her down a dangerous trail overrun with lies and internal corruption.