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Shad Gaspard

Professional Wrestlers may live larger than life live's, but they're all fighting battles: injuries, addictions, financial woes, adultery, and media scrutiny. In a world where reality and fantasy are blurred, being the best comes at a price. While wrestling legends contend with their younger counterparts, a young woman helms her deceased father's company. While struggling to keep it all together.


Shad Gaspard
Action & Adventure Drama

ZOE (ZO); Haitian Creole to mean bone, strong as a bone, a person who shows strength; a person with strength and will to succeed beyond any obstacle. François Mackandal was the original ZOE. In 1758, after killing thousands of slave masters and collaborators, Makandal is captured, then set on fire in the town square of Cap-Français, Saint-Domingue (Modern day Haiti) in front of hundreds of witnesses, including a young boy, Toussaint (Bréda) Louverture. Years after this event (1789) Toussaint finds himself on the precipice of change, haunted by the ghost of Makandal, and being influenced by the voodoo gods (Orisha). He reluctantly takes his position at the forefront of one of history's greatest revolutions.