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Writer, journalist, doctor. Author the critically acclaimed novel "Etre the Cow." Screenwriter of "Fockers Without Borders," the hysterical and much needed 4th movie in the "Meet the Parents" trilogy. Doesn't every trilogy need a fourth movie? Screenwriter of the sitcom "CorrecTED." Both the pilot script for "CorrecTED" and the screenplay for "Fockers Without Borders" are hosted on Blacklist.

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Staff Writer
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Health Professions


Sean Kenniff

Middle aged dreamer, Brodie Miller, has hit rock bottom. He’s out of shape, unemployed, running out of money and ideas. When his wife kicks him out of the house, Brodie embarks on a journey of self-improvement by watching daily TED Talks. In this hilarious sitcom series, Brodie proves that one man can change the world, if he is bold enough to change himself. This sitcom has structural elements similar to Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.