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I am a Dreamer and Military Veteran who has witnessed bullying and hatred firsthand in all aspects of my life, therefore I write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories that give us a reprieve from the real world.


I am an optioned screenwriter and military veteran who writes scripts on assignment for producers. I write mainly science-fiction and fantasy, but I also craft contemporary thrillers, and stories of the supernatural. I graduated with a Master Screenwriting Certificate from ScreenwritingU out of Los Angeles, completed John Truby’s course, The Anatomy of Story, and the ISA Craft Course where I continue to learn every day to expand my knowledge and hone my expertise.


Scott Gordon Richards
Mystery & Suspense

After a bizarre murder, an atheist FBI Agent and an expert in the occult discover the ancient gods still exist, and they’re bent on destroying creation itself.


Scott Gordon Richards

An idealistic young Union Lieutenant struggles to set an example of peace for his men as he tries to convince their Confederate captors to set them free after they are told the war has ended, but a murder among them escalates their conflict.