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I consider myself gender and genre fluid. My roots as a jazz sax musician set the tone of my work as a multi-hyphenated creator: there are no rules. I graduated from the UCSD theater program in 2014 and continue to grow as an actor, writer, director, and musician through the blending of voices and storytelling across multiple mediums. My focus as of late has been the passionate search for the places where film and music intersect. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Known For
The Wolf


Sarah Riley
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Dani, a lawyer at a wealthy firm in New York City, suffers the death of her soulmate. Sleep-deprived and desperate, she consents to the offer of an ethereal guide to descend through the depths of hell (also known as modern day New York) in order to reunite with her lost love. She leaps at the opportunity, only to plummet under the weight of her own chaotic shitstorm of psychological baggage in the form of the Seven Deadly Sins.