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Writer Scripts


Sam Reid
Comedy Romance

"Alright. From the top of my head, and the bottom of my heart." John is an idealistic romantic who's imagination is running away with him & masking his fears; Amy is the brash know-it-all life of the party who's got true love down to an algorithm. This is the story of how they became who they had to be to be together, centring around the year before they meet and the weeks before they're meant to marry.


Sam Reid
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

Mankind's first attempt to colonize the Moon faces disaster when one of the astronauts is murdered, and her partner on the shuttle confesses to the crime. An investigation into how, why, and whether they can trust him begins, but it's complicated when the daughter of the deceased shows to be out for blood - and a game of cat & mouse that will determine mankind's future begins.