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Sam Jay Gold is the inescapably American son of Jewish refugees who fled Russia for China, then China for America, dooming him to a never-ending search for a place to belong—and a low-key suspicion of anyone who’ll have him. Specializing in TV dramas told from the margins of society and history, Sam tackles contemporary issues by sneaking under the radar with dark comedy, high stakes action, and grounded characters just trying to make the most of life’s indignities. His work has won Best Writing at ITVFest (now Catalyst Content), been named a finalist in the TrackingB TV Pilot contest, and received Recommendation multiple times here on the Black List (eight 8s & a 9). Alongside his teleplays, Sam is a produced, Off-Broadway playwright, an Podcast Academy-award nominated fiction podcaster, and a world-traveling puppeteer supported by the Jim Henson Foundation.

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Sam Jay Gold
Drama Action & Adventure

Amidst the Spanish Inquisition, a Jewish mercenary leads a ragtag team of renegade misfits on a search for fortune, family, and revenge against corrupt clergy who turned them into pariahs.