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I'm a native Californian, father, husband, creative writer, martial artist, retired kickboxer, and business professional working and living in Los Angeles.

I've written short stories and poetry my entire life, but since moving to LA in 2014 I've fallen in love with screenwriting. My first script was a romcom that has had some success as a script (2016 Nicholl Finalist), but has yet to be made. My latest script, an action story, was written in 2020 with my wife Abby.

I believe a new era of animated filmmaking geared toward an adult (R rated) audience is on the horizon. My latest script, and many of my new ideas, were created with this new era in mind. My writing remains focused on creating feature films, however, and I look forward to making my scripts into movies.

I have always written for fun since I was a young boy because it made me happy. As I've matured, I've found that in order to be happy, I have to be responsible. This has brought my writing to a more socially-conscious level where writing with a sense of responsibility to the reader has made me happier than ever. Even with stories that have dark or violent themes, such as "Fight Factory", I aim to bring a sense of social responsibility to my storytelling, which I believe only makes my writing stronger.

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