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Writing screenplays and pushing through the mighty rainfalls here in Vancouver, Canada- trying to overcome the stereotypes that all we Canadians care about is hockey and being unfailingly nice (by the way- I love hockey and pride myself on being nice...). So there. Also, I'm a filmmaker and my new 1970's inspired buddy film "A Legacy of Whining" is currently available on iTunes and my latest feature "Simon/Simone" (featuring a transgender lead protagonist) can be found here on The Blacklist. I'm not gonna lie- would be cool to have representation and, of course, meet other writers on here and compare shoulders to cry on (did I tell you I was a nice guy...?). Cheers and good karma to all on here! Update Alert: my screenplay "Simon/Simone" was just awarded a prize at the 2017 Hollywood Screenwriting Contest as a Finalist in the Drama category.


Ross Munro
Comedy Drama

A transgender woman returns to her hometown seeking revenge against three classmates who bullied her back in the day, in order to shatter the mental block crippling her attempts to become an actress.