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Ron Rice studied the 4 year film production in program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario resulting in a B.A. He also studied acting for 3 years at The New School of Drama in Toronto with Tony Pearce & Louise Nolan who were graduates of The Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York, teaching the Sanford Meisner technique . He has also worked as a film editor & assistant.

My script "Concession Road", a coming-of-age script, finished as a Nicholls semi-finalist in 2009 and again in 2012. This is a new script.

Known For
"Concessions Road" Nicholls Fellowship Semi Finalist


Ronald G. Rice

In the last death sentence case in Canada, the victim was 12. The accused, 14. This is the true story of the conflicting events that lead to the arrest and conviction of 14 year old Steven Truscott for the rape and murder of his 12 year old classmate, Lynn Harper.