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Roland Barrera is an American designer, entrepreneur, producer & cultural ambassador in Costa Mesa, CA. On September 1st, 2013 Barrera designed and opened his first Catalonian inspired classic cocktail and jazz bar Casa located in Costa Mesa, CA. It's been critically awarded Best Bar in OC. Barrera's successes enabled him a 2nd venue set for 2016.


Drama Mystery & Suspense

An American art enthusiast, designer, and live jazz venue owner, is stripped of his brick and mortar business by a jealous childhood friend, deceived by best friend and betrayed by a newcomer in a chain of loathsome events that evolve before him. While overthrown, his dynasty’s historical legacy unearths as he discovers an astonishing paralleled past of his families fight against the U.S. Government, hired guns, rebels and Indian raids to posses the homelands King Charles III of Spain granted in 1767.