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Roberta M Roy’s Jolt Survival Trilogy is the winner of four writing awards. Home Again 2020 (Jolt Survival Trilogy Book 3) took the Gold Medal for Current Events II (Social Issues/Public Affairs/Ecological/Humanitarian), the Silver Medal for Multicultural Fiction and the Bronze Medal in General Fiction in the Jenkins 2021 International eLit awards. Two Close (Jolt Survival Trilogy Book 2) is rated third on the Red List List for Sci-fi Book Manuscripts, and Jolt: a rural noir (Book 1) took second place in the 2011 Jenkins Living Now Inspirational Fiction Award. Roy’s book Slivers: Poems by Roberta M Roy, medaled in the 2020 Jenkins International eLit Awards in Poetry. Two Close is a Semifinalist in the Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition (2022) and a Quarterfinalist inf the Pitch Now Screenplay Competition (Season 4). Roy is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who resides in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State where she is the creative lead and owner operator of ALVA Press Inc. This script is rated in the top 15% for CONCEPT by Analyst ML107 on WESCREENPLAY.

Known For
Author of the Award Winning Jolt: a rural noir, Home Again 2020, and Slivers (Poetry).
Special Skills
Speech pathology


Roberta M Roy
Romance Drama

A nuclear meltdown turns the lives of Matters family and lovers Natalie and artist Thaw upside down. Residents of Lochlee accommodate to an influx of emigres. Societal unrest adds complications.