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I have been writing practically since birth (my parents call it “making things up”). The other preschool kids loved hearing my stories, as did the fourth and sixth grade kids. (Third grade was a bad time for me, and I skipped second grade.) As much as I liked putting concepts together in my head, my life came into sharp focus in 1977 where, at the tender young age of four, I first saw "Star Wars." My parents took me to Disney movies like "Gus," "Treasure of Matecumbe," and "The Rescuers," several times in fact. But "Star Wars" blew my mind. I had a rich imagination, and this was even better. I looked up at the flickering screen and said to myself, “I want to make movies.” Every kid in school wanted to be Luke Skywalker. I wanted to be George Lucas.


Robert J. Lares
Action & Adventure Drama

A brainwashed super soldier under mind control being used as a political assassin is pursued by his adoptive mother to save his life as well as that of his target.


Robert J. Lares
Mystery & Suspense Drama

In an alternate timeline where the Confederates won the war, the Union States and the Confederate States of America exist as two separate countries. But when an act of terrorism threatens both nations, the presidents of these divided nations, united by a dark secret, must work together.


Robert J. Lares
Drama Family

A World War II veteran with cancer goes with his grandson on one last road trip to the Kentucky Derby. As they discuss life, they become close and try to learn what happened to his father, who disappeared during the Depression.