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Author. Lawyer. Podcaster. Writer. Producer. Politician. Pizza Boy. Car Salesman. The most overpayed janitor in Los Angeles.

Rob Cheek has been (or at least has been called) all of these things before. In his own words, he's lived the lives of three men in a third of the time - and has the tales to tell about it. Instead of sharing them around a campfire or over a round of drinks, he pushes them into the written form: short stories, novels, and screenplays.

Still looking for that one story that will make the world sit up and take notice, Rob continues to produce a diverse catalog of content across mediums at breakneck speed (he's been known to finish a screenplay in 10 days and a novel in a few weeks). Drawing inspiration from his past and the world around him, he crosses genres and produces the types of products he would like to see - whether on the book shelf or the screen.

You'll sometimes find him out wandering the streets, at all hours, looking for the answer to something that can't be found; otherwise, he's working for today or locked away writing for tomorrow.

Known For
Herotics, O The Anthem


Robert N Cheek
Drama Action & Adventure

1814, 1861, 1968, and 2016: Once again Baltimore will light the fire and lead the nation towards a new birth of freedom.