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Richard Vetere co-wrote the screenplay adaptation of his novel The Third Miracle published by Simon & Schuster starring Ed Harris, directed by Agnieszka Holland, produced by Francis Ford Coppola. He wrote The Marriage Fool for CBS Films adaptation of his stage play starring Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett. He wrote the cult indie Vigilante. He recently direct, wrote and produced a documentary from a grant from the Russo Brothers Film Forum -- Where Are We Now? The Italian American Today. His screenplay adaptation of his stage play Caravaggio won The Golden Palm Award for the Best Screenplay at the Beverly Hills International Film Festival 2021.

Known For
The Third Miracle movie and novel; Vigilante, original screenplay; The Marriage Fool for CBS TV Fi
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Richard Vetere
Family Action & Adventure

Ralph Russo was so disappointed that no one from his Monroe High School class came to their 30th reunion he builds a bus and decides to drive cross country to fine everyone from that class who he hasn't seen in years. His real motive is to fine Lucy, his first love, who changed his life and who he wants to thank!


Richard Vetere
Drama Comedy

Nick. a former and retired US Military assassin living on Long Island, is struggling to live with both his evil seed recently released younger brother and the vengeful damaged wife who is brother nearly killed.


Richard Vetere
Drama Action & Adventure

The story dramatic story of Caravaggio the painter in 1610 who died at the age of 38 fleeing bounty hunters, the knights of Malta and the brothers of the man he murdered in a brawl in Rome.


Richard Vetere
Comedy Horror

Hipster Zombies take over Williamsburg, Brooklyn by being transformed on the L Train. The Federal Government sends an FBI agent to entice local Italian mobsters to eliminate the hipster zombies. The mob agrees for a price and battles the hipsters on the streets of Williamsburg.