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I’m a professional screenwriter-for-hire who’s written, rewritten or polished scripts for 30 different production companies. “Walking With the Enemy” (based on a true story and starring Academy Award Winning Best Actor Ben Kingsley) is the latest of my 5 feature film writing credits. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime.

I also wrote the horror/thriller feature, “The Counting House” starring Maggie Q (“Mission Impossible”). And I wrote the script for the feature film “The Tricks of Love”, starring Natasha Lyonne, (“Orange is the New Black”) which won Best Picture at the Monaco International Film Festival and 3 major acting awards. Following please find my bio and credits.

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Known For
Walking With the Enemy, Amazon Queen, The Counting House, Tricks of Love


Richard Lasser
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the 2030s, following a pandemic that nearly wiped out the entire world’s population, only the descendants of the indigenous peoples of the Americas are immune and Native Americans now rule North America. But what kind of world will they create?


Richard Lasser
Drama Comedy

In this single location drama, when a family’s long-buried secrets of incest, alcoholism and fraud destroy their business, it’s up to one man to save it – even if he can’t stick around to see it survive.