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L.A. Picante
Drama Romance

In this tradition of past favourites like "MEAN STREETS", "GOODFELLAS" and "BOYZ N THE HOOD". LIVING HARD follows three decades into the rise and fall of four girlhood friends, an ailing ex-con on the road to redemption, an orphaned lesbian guided by her older sister, and a volatile junkie prostitute, who face many of life's challenges upon one's release from a 25-year prison stretch along with her promise to make amends with her long-lost daughter before all else is taken from her forever. Together they agree to help the ex-con pursue the American dream even as her health fails and their old demons resurface as a result of unwittingly getting caught up in the mean streets of Los Angeles and the violence that comes between them along with the other societal ills plaguing today's America. (There may be hip-hop crosses between BOYS ON THE SIDE, CLUELESS, MYSTIC RIVER, MOONLIGHT and 20TH CENTURY WOMEN)