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After becoming a leader in the entertainment tech industry, Rebekah Mueller writes grounded sci-fi, fantasy, and horror narratives with a comedic edge. Her stories tell the journey of escaping societal and familial pressures to discover one's true self and moral compass. Her work placed on Bloodlist 2021, Second Round at Austin Film Festival, and Finalist with ScreenCraft and Scriptapalooza.


Rebekah Mueller
Mystery & Suspense Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Moonrise is a one hour elevated vampire themed science fiction drama about a global corporation bent on exploiting the untold wealth that vampires and other creatures provide. The series focuses on the taboo relationship between a driven scientist and a vampire held against their will who must come together to uncover greater corrupting forces.


Rebekah Mueller

After a teenage pariah with a seizure disorder is chosen as the target of a sadistic prank week, she uncovers a folk magic book that allows her to revel in the joys of revenge, until she must learn to control her anger before it consumes her. CARRIE meets THE CRAFT.


Rebekah Mueller
Comedy Horror

A couple on the verge of divorce attends a remote therapy retreat as a last ditch effort to save their marriage, until they realize they’re going to have to save themselves from one another instead.