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Rebekah Mueller survived an abusive upbringing in the Bible Belt of rural Pennsylvania, where she always knew she was close to home by the "Repent or Burn in Hell" barn murals. She began her career as a video editor, before pivoting into the tech industry for over a decade. Her disillusionment as an executive for Fortune 50 companies led her to write her first script, MOONRISE, featured on the Blood List and winner of WeScreenplay's Diverse Voices. Rebekah is uniquely positioned to write sci-fi, horror, and thriller narratives about characters escaping societal and familial pressures to discover one's true self and moral compass. Her pilot and feature scripts, including her horror feature MAKE ME TREMBLE, have trended #3 on the Black List, and placed at Austin Film Festival and ScreenCraft. Rebekah participated in Stowe Narrative Labs and UCLA’s TV & Film Producing program. She splits her time between NYC and LA.


Rebekah Mueller
Horror Mystery & Suspense

When an ambitious scientist uncovers the barbaric truth behind a cure-all DNA therapy, she must choose between curing her father’s illness and destroying her employer’s cruel vampire-industrial complex from within.


Rebekah Mueller

A teenage outcast with a seizure disorder is chosen as the target of a sadistic prank week, until she discovers a spellbook that gives her control over her own body, and then some.


Rebekah Mueller
Comedy Mystery & Suspense

A recently widowed and ruthlessly driven engineer's entanglement with a less qualified but undeniably charismatic co-worker threatens to undermine her ethics, sanity, and career trajectory.