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Writer Scripts


Rale Sidebottom
Drama Action & Adventure

The Civil War of Northern California was a real battle; one that brought death and destruction on both sides to the remote communities of Humboldt County throughout the 1980s and 1990s. These wars set the stage for 21st century Environmental movements worldwide. If it was radical, dangerous, and effective? It was the environmentalists. The series plays out as a Tarot card reading; everything that happens in the series is a result of the cards revealed in every episode. Ripped from the headlines, Redwood Empire centers on environmental activism, spy culture against American activists, Christian faiths, logging communities, music (grunge and punk) of the era and the occult.


Rale Sidebottom
Horror Drama

When a film archivist is alerted to the existence of the greatest find in silent cinema history, he is unwittingly drawn into a world of ancient diseases, the desire for immortality and revenge.