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Driven on her quest for female-empowerment, Rachel is an Australian screenwriter with a passion for telling action, fantasy, and Sci-Fi stories to a worldwide audience. Rachel had her first novel published by a New York company in 2019. Not long after, her love for superhero shows and desire to see female heroic protagonists written authentically, compelled her to make the switch to film and TV. Rachel has since made the Quarterfinals for Screencraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship (2020) and had two scripts appear on Coverfly’s Red List (2020). She is currently studying her Bachelor of Digital Media, sharpening her branding and storytelling skills through Roadmap Writers and actively learning Spanish.


Rachel Attwood
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

When he’s left with nothing but a reputation of insanity after opening Pandora’s Box, a reclusive archaeologist teams up with a grieving psychologist as they scramble to find a way to put the world back to normal and bring hope to humanity.


Rachel Attwood
Horror Action & Adventure

A witch-succubus hybrid must learn to keep her powers at bay while attending high school and discovering the secrets of her past.


Rachel Attwood
Comedy Action & Adventure

When her mortal enemy declares war, a socially awkward pop-culture & gaming store owner gears up for the fight of her life against toxic masculinity in the gaming industry.